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CTE Honors portfolios for are listed by program area below. Teachers who are teaching honors sections are to use the portfolio for their course and adapt it to their class and students. These are still in DRAFT form and will be finalized by Spring of 2015 for submission to DPI in the Fall of 2015. Teachers using these portfolios are to print them and use a 3-ring binder to store all teaching materials, rubrics used, etc., as well as examples of student work that is required for submission. There will be periodic reviews of these portfolio binders throughout the year and a final portfolio submitted at the end of the year. Please feel free to add to the projects/assessments listed as needed to provide students with the most rigor needed to satisfy the honors credit given to students.


Animal Science I (AA21)

Animal Science II (AA22)

Animal Science II--Small Animal (AA23)

Horticulture I (AP41)

Horticulture II (AP42)

Horticulture II--Landscape (AP44)

Agriscience Applications (AU10)

Business, Finance, and Information Technology

Microsoft Word/PPT (BM10)

Microsoft Excel/Access (BM20)

Multimedia & Webpage Design (BD10)

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship I


Sports & Entertainment Marketing I

Sports & Entertainment Marketing II

Family & Consumer Science

Early Childhood Education I

Early Childhood Education II

Parenting & Child Development

Health Science

Health Science I

Health Science II

Nursing Fundamentals

Pharmacy Tech

Trades & Industry

Electronics II

Electronics III