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Welcome to the RCS Trade and Industry Wiki page. We will be using this page as a means of communication. Please use the discussion area to post questions and topics that you would like to discuss. I will be posting things throughout the semester for you to comment on and discuss. This page will also be used to give you updates and important information for your courses. You will need to visit this wiki on a regular basis in order to stay up-to-date.

Weekly Article Samples

General Career Development

Reinventing Education to Teach Creativity and EntrepreneurshipProvides some ways for students to learn problem solving skills in the classroom

Getting Social for a Job Interview Provides some tips for using social media to help land a job.

Job Interview Preparation Means Research Explains an important part of the pre-interview procedure.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What are three questions you would want to know about a company or business you would want to know before you interview?'

Soft Skills Defines soft skills are and explains why employers are looking for them.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Create a top five list of what soft skills you think are most important.

1 in 10 Young Job Hunters Rejected because of Social Media Explains the affect a negative social media page or website can have on potential employers.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Do you think it is ethical for employers to use social media to screen potential applicants? Explain your answer.


Carpentry Job Outlook Provides statistics for carpentry employment
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Using the "Employment of Carpenters by State Map", explain why some of the states have a higher demand for carpenters.


__**Careers in Construction:**__ **Bricklayers** Career profile for bricklayers.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Create a 50 word "want-ad" for a bricklayer. Include the skills, qualities and characteristics you think are important for the job.


Self-driving Cars now Legal in California Article talking about the future of self-driving cars.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: After reading the article, how will self-driving cars affect the future of auto technicians?

'Gods' make comeback at Toyota as humans steal jobs from robots Article discussing the importance of developing manual skills.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper persuading the public on your opinion of using robots in vehicle manufacturing plants.

Local Plan Strategies for T&I 2013-2014

Create/Add/Share external classroom assessments in Thinkgate

I am including two links with step-by-step directions on how to create/add an external classroom assessment and how to share(target) an assessment once you have created it.

Trade and Industry Moodle Link

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Pacing Guides--Updated Fall 2014

Curriculum Guides and Updates

Advisory Board Infomation

Credentialing Brochure

Articulation Agreement

Articulation agreement

T&I teachers by course

T&I Proficiency Data

Literacy in T&I presentation/handout Summer Conference 2012

Literacy in CTE

LIteracy in CTE handbook

Numeracy in CTE

Numeracy in CTE handbook

Tech Smackdown list Summer Conference 2012

Back to school ideas

Back To School Ideas

Creative Strategies for CTE Teachers

Creative Strategies for CTE Teachers

20 Things Successful CTE Teachers Do

20 Things Successful CTE Teachers Do

SkillsUSA advisor link

SkillsUSA advisor link

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