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NOTE: Now that we have used Elements multiple years, you are able to toggle between school years. If you change the school year
to a previous year in the Data Utilization tab, you will be viewing this year's students (your current rosters) with data from previous year's Elements tests.
There is no screen view to access last year's student rosters for your classes because Elements is directly connected to PowerSchool and only recognizes
students currently assigned to your classes.

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2014-2015 CTE Testing Dates:

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Fall x

Spring x


HH32--Pharmacy Tech
AU71/AU72--Biotech & Ag Research I, II
AN52--Enviro & Nat Res II
AP44--Hort II Landscape
AP43Hort II Turf Grass
AS33--Ag Mech II - Small Engines
BB40--Business Management
FN43--Foods II--Technology
FH71/FH72--ProStart I & II
IC23--Carpentry III
IM32--Electronics II
IM41/IM42--Metals I & II
IC13--Masonry III
ALL Middle Grades CTE Courses
August 25-29, 2014
January 22-28, 2015

Midterms (All)

October 20-24, 2014
March 20-26, 2015

Final Exams (All)

January 5-16, 2015
May 26-June 8, 2015

Field Tests 2014-2015

CTE Pilot Courses (2014-2015)

BD10--Multimedia & Webpage Design

MSITA-Word/PPT--MG (BM 90, BM91)
MH42--Hospitality & Tourism

MSITA-Word/PPT--MG (BM 90, BM91)
BF05--Personal Finance

AG Mechanics-Small Engines (AS33)
II31--Adobe Visual Design

Business Financial Planning (BF20)
IT11--Intro to Automotive Service

Automotive Services II (IT17)
IT16--Automotive Service I

IM33--Electronics III

Classroom Assessment Administration Manual 2014-2015

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